Screen Printed Clothing

Screen Printed Clothing

Screen or Silk Screen Printing is a process that uses a woven mesh screen with an ink blocking stencil to create a printed design onto Staff Uniform / Clothing or other materials such as Vinyl, Cotton or other Fabrics.

Ink is forced through the screen openings onto the fabric of T Shirts, Hoodies, Sweat Shirts to create an image on the chosen substrate.

One Colour at a time is applied to the fabric, so using several screens (usually up to 4) we can produce a multi coloured image or logo. Once the garments have been printed, they are passed through a UV light to dry and cure the ink.

This process is ideal for longer runs of printed uniform or clothing using your supplied company logo.

Or it can be used to print a simple text only message onto T Shirts or any other staff uniform items.

It is especially good for School Leaver Hoodies, a speciality of Staff Gear.

Once your screens have been set up they can be used over and over again to produce your printed workwear with consistency and quality.



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